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Nanochemistry is the fusion of chemistry and nanoscience. Nanochemistry is related to the construction of building blocks that are reliant on size, surface, shape, and deformity properties. Nanochemistry is being utilized in substance, materials, and physical, science and additionally in engineering, natural and therapeutic applications.

Nanochemistry can be portrayed by ideas of size, shape, self-get together, faults and bio-nano; So the blend of any new nano-build is related to every one of these ideas. Nano-develop combination is reliant on how the surface, size, and shape will prompt self-assembly of the building obstructs into the useful structures; they presumably have practical imperfections and may be valuable for electronic, photonic, restorative, or bioanalytical issues.

·         Nanotopography

·         Nanolithography

·         Neurochemistry

·         Nano pharmaceutical chemistry