Scientific Sessions

Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology

Utilization of biopharmaceutical thoughts to define headway has disturbed the framework for estimations shape plans. Nanotechnology has transformed into a central part of pharmaceutical sciences and finds different applications in calm movement systems in updating the medicinal execution of solutions. An impressive parcel of the current "Nano" sedate movement systems is the group of customary estimations shapes like Nanosuspensions, Nanoemulsions, and Nano micelles. Nanosuspension is an approach to manage passes on water-insoluble and deficiently bioavailable meds by diminishing size to submicron expansion.

·         Design of Nano drugs

·         Nanoliposome

·         Drug Delivery Research

·         Challenges and advances in Nano Pharmaceuticals

·         Nano Pharmaceutical Industry and Market

·         Novel Drug Delivery Systems

·         Synthesis of Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery