Scientific Sessions

Mobility Rehabilitation

Mobility rehabilitation is a form of physical therapy that aims to improve movement and assist individuals in adapting to acquired disabilities that limit their mobility. It is tailored to meet the specific needs of each patient and can be provided in various settings such as hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, or even at home. This specialized therapy is administered by trained rehabilitation specialists who possess expertise in mobility and its demands. The primary goal of mobility rehabilitation is to maximize the individual's mobility, especially for those who are unable to regain their previous levels of mobility or have congenital mobility issues. It encompasses a range of exercises to strengthen and control movement, as well as techniques to prevent contractures. Additionally, patients are educated on the safe and proper use of mobility devices like walkers and wheelchairs, enabling them to navigate their communities more easily. In some cases, training aides may also be involved in assisting the patient during their rehabilitation journey, whether at home or in other locations.