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Surgical Rehabilitation

Patients undergoing surgery often receive a referral to physical therapy beforehand. This is done to manage their expectations after the operation, including any precautions or limitations they may have, and to optimize their strength, range of motion, and overall function. It is important to recognize that both the physical and psychological impacts of surgery can have an impact on the recovery process, potentially leading to frustration and anxiety. Surgical Rehabilitation specifically targets the stiffness and weakness that may arise following surgery. This type of treatment can be administered through various methods such as manual therapy, hydrotherapy, or exercise therapy. By utilizing these techniques, patients can find relief from discomfort and aid in their recovery. Post-operative rehabilitation is often necessary for a variety of surgical procedures, including orthopaedic, cardiac, thoracic, neurological, and abdominal surgeries. Physiotherapy plays a crucial role in addressing a wide range of post-operative issues that may arise regardless of the type of surgery performed. These issues can include pain, loss of strength, limited range of motion, postural concerns, swelling, and difficulties with balance and coordination.

  • Postoperative Rehabilitation
  • Post-Surgery Rehabilitation