Ivana H Balter

French society of immunology, France

Haluskova Balter Ivana, an active medical professional specialized in infectious diseases, and internal medicine covering various therapeutic axes, is certified in Immunology and Pediatrics, MBA in vaccinology, and years of clinical practice contributing to bring innovative science and diplomacy for global health (Switzerland) and most importantly to set up intelligent partnership borderless. Over 15 years of experience in pharmaceutical research and development for European and USA companies as medical lead /Director of R&D in various therapeutic areas and as Scientific and Medical independent consultant for various stakeholders globally. Active as speaker on various congresses to bring science to the clinic, member of the French immunology society (SFI) administrative board and several international academic societies (focus on innovation of R&D reflecting immunology and genetic variability, the role of immunologic approach for treatment and diagnostic, tackle the problem of resistance for antimicrobials, antimalarial, antivirals, etc.). Member of advisory Health concern (India) and think tank group in order to attract attention to the role of accessible medical care, education, and awareness along with accurate diagnostic and innovative partnership in this area. Years of expertise to work globally but recently more focused in France and BRICs and Asia (India and Russia in particular) as a medical advisor for scientific partnership, bringing new innovative concepts alive and getting them endorsed.