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NSC Emergency Preparedness

From weather-related issues to active shooters in the workplace and more, it’s crucial for your employees to know the correct action to take before, during, and after an emergency. Emergency Preparedness training comes with a Facilitator Kit and Participant Kit (sold separately); quantity purchases can result in lower per-unit costs.

Course content consists of eight independent modules to match your specific training needs. You can also customize the training by adding your company policies, videos, or polls to the PowerPoint slides included in the Facilitator Kit.


Sub-tracks include:

·         Evacuation       

·         Weather and Natural Disasters

·         Shelter in Place Emergencies

·         Medical Emergencies

·         Workplace Violence

·         Active Shooter

·         Terrorism Emergencies

·         Communication Before and After Emergencies.

·         Knowledge checks

·         Independent instructional modules