Scientific Sessions

Occupational Diseases & Human Health

An “occupational sickness” is an associated disease that shrunk primarily as a result of exposure to risk factors arising from work activity. “Work-related diseases” have multiple causes, wherever factors within the work surroundings could play a job, the side of different risk factors, within the development of such diseases. Occupational and work-related diseases include:

Ø  Carrying our estimates of the global burden of disease from major occupational risks, such as injuries, airborne exposures, carcinogens, ergonomic stressors, noise, and other specific risks.

Ø  Incorporating occupational diseases and their causes in the 11th revision of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems.

Ø  Working with ILO to develop diagnostic and exposure criteria for occupational diseases and to enable primary and secondary healthcare providers to detect and report such diseases.


Risk occupations include:

Skin health care, Dental health care, Environmental problems, and environmental impact, Biomarkers for human health, effectiveness and safety of drug use and Biosafety: surroundings, health and safety, Hairdressing, Catering, Healthcare, motorcar repair, and Construction. This session also includes Skin healthcare, Healthcare professionals, Management, system & law, Dental Healthcare, Environmental contamination and health concerns, Biomarkers for human health, Efficacy and safety of drug use, urban health vs. rural health, and Biosafety: Environment, health, and safety.


Sub-Tracks include:

Ø  Anthropometry

Ø  Biomechanics

Ø  Applied Psychology

Ø  Environmental Physics

Ø  Social Psychology