Scientific Sessions

Occupational Industrial Safety & Hygiene

Occupational Safety in Industrial Sector has now become an important issue for every Industries and Company all around the World. Occupational Industrial Hygiene is being regarded as anticipation, evaluation, control, and preventive care against injury and other health issues that all being related to the wellness of workers in working areas. As in the Industrial sector “Safety” is the main issue as it comprises all within it. So some industries in developed and developing countries have separate boards for managing Industrial safety and hiring Occupational Hygienists for better control of the situation and as well to understand better ways of safety precautions and measures that can be taken within the Industrial Sector. As well, on the other hand, some companies have policies of hiring Hygiene experts so that they could well understand exposure risk management and industrial safety and also be considering the type of job an individual within the Industrial Sector a Hygienist will be applying their expertise of exposure towards the protection of the individual, consumers as well as Community. The purpose of Occupational Hygiene in the Industrial sector will be using severe and laborious scientific methodology and also often requires a specialized decision that is based upon the involvement and education for determining the potential for hazardous relevant dangers within the working sector and environmental studies.


Sub-Tracks include:

·         Fall Protection

·         Emergency Safety

·         Workplace Promotion

·         Facility Security and Safety