Scientific Sessions

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning in Ophthalmology

The fourth industrial revolution in human history is artificial intelligence (AI). Deep learning (DL) is a class of cutting-edge machine learning algorithms that has aroused a lot of attention throughout the world in recent years. DL is a revolutionary AI machine learning technology that has completely transformed the AI sector. DL has demonstrated clinically acceptable diagnostic performance in detecting several retinal disorders in ophthalmology. Future study will be necessary to assess the clinical deployment and cost-effectiveness of various DL systems in clinical practise. To increase clinical acceptance of DL systems, present and future approaches must be used to unravel the ‘black-box' aspect of DL.

  • Fundus Photographs
  • Optical Coherence
  • Tomography and Visual Field
  • Ocular Imaging
  • AI ‘Black-Box’ Algorithms
  • Telemedicine