• Interactions easily occur due to the relatively small size of the meetings and the relaxed venues where they are held.
  • High-quality, late-breaking science is presented in a non-commercial atmosphere.
  • New, often cross-disciplinary collaborations are forged during social hours and free time.
  • Recreational experiences in beautiful settings refresh the mind and inspire creative, new thinking and direction.
  • Newer investigators receive mentoring, gain feedback and exposure during poster sessions, and can be selected to give short talks.

All the details pertaining to the abstract submission is described in the respective webpage. The abstract should be around 250-350 words. If you have any further query, please contact through the respective mail ID provided in the Conference website.

Alternatively, download our Sample Abstract template.

In order submit your abstract online, please go to the corresponding conference and click the Submissions tab and fill all the required details and attach/upload your document and click on submit button or you may submit through email of the respective conference.

Alternatively you can send your Abstract to abstracts@frigateconferences.com with the Conference details in Header.

You need to go to the respective conference page and redirect to registration page, where you will find the different categories available. Select the respective category and proceed further to confirm your participation.

For Online Payment and Wire transfers please contact finance@frigateconferences.com with the conference and your basic details (Name, Affiliation, Contact Number, Email Address, Address and Billing Address)

Once the payment has been received you will receive an email regarding registration acknowledgement. However we make every effort to do this as early as possible, so please bear with us, your patience is highly appreciated. For any registration/booking confirmation queries, please contact the respective conference secretary or send an email to registrations@frigateconferences.com along with conference details and your details (Name, Amount Paid, Email, and Contact Number)

Invitation letter is provided, who require an invitation to assist with their travel visa application. Regarding the same you can directly contact the respective conference secretary through an email or Send an email to contact@frigateconferences.com along with the conference details and your basic details (Full Name, Affiliation, Address, and Mode of Participation)

Contact the respective conference secretary through email or you may directly contact at registrations@frigateconferences.com along with the conference details and amount paid.

  • You can email to the respective conference secretary for an Invoice.
  • Alternatively you can send an email to invoice@frigateconferences.com with the Conference Name, Dates, Venue along with your Basic details like Name, Contact Number, Email Address, Company/University and Postal Address (If Billing Address is different please provide billing address)

All conference details will be available on the corresponding conference website or for more details contact the respective conference coordinator.